In September 2005, PRM Inc. introduced its custom PRM brand to the marketplace.

PRM currently offers two distinct product lines: The custom-measured Precision-Fit and the custom-molded Signature-Fit.

Precision-Fit is a custom cushion based upon specific client measurements. It allows our customers to meet the positioning and pressure relief requirements of each individual end-user.

The Signature-Fit product line has seen major changes over the first few years of ownership. The Cleveland Clinic first developed the technology in 1990. It was then sold to a durable medical equipment dealer--Akron-Cleveland Home Medical. PRM, Inc. subsequently purchased the company and its technology in August 2001.

The Signature-Fit cushion now has two positioning foam options, and several liner foam options.

According to PRM owner Todd Dinner, "Our biggest competitive advantage is the ability to use multiple foam firmnesses to make the cushion soft where it needs to be soft and firm where it needs to be firm."

At PRM, we appreciate our customers and their ongoing support of our efforts. We continually strive to find new ways to make our product lines easier, more accurate, and financially profitable for you. What's more, we are focused on developing products that meet your ever-changing needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments, suggestions or even new product ideas.