The Precision-Fit™ Headrest provides you with all the components required to meet the headrest positioning needs of most individuals.

  • Headrest pads are available in two sizes; 10" and 14".
  • Post styles include fixed or flip-away in straight or curved designs.
  • The three depth links allow for an adjustment range of up to 10".
  • Four ball joints are used, which make unique headrest positions attainable.
  • The headrest plate is made of steel which can be shaped to cup the head more or opened to provide a flatter head support surface.

Customization of foams used to meet the pressure relief needs of the end user are available.

Cover choices include:
Spacer Mesh
Waterproof Lycra®.
*Cover can also be made to match your Signature-Fit™ or Precision-Fit™ seating system.

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