precision fit

Since no two people are exactly alike…

the PRM team has worked tirelessly to develop a custom cushion that is as unique as it is remarkable. Not unlike your clients themselves.

With three standard cushion styles to start from, Precision-Fit™ provides an effective and versatile means of client support which prevents sliding and can easily be adjusted to accommodate for obliquity, leg ab/adduction, pelvic rotation or greater pelvic positioning.

And unlike its off-the-shelf predecessors, Precision-Fit™ is custom-designed as a single, complete cushion unit.

A basic shape with minimal leg channeling. Shown with optional Synergel® insert.

A basic shape with increased lateral control to help with positioning and pressure relief. Shown with optional Air Insert.

Provides maximal lateral support to assist in positioning legs and trunk while providing excellent pressure relief. Shown with optional Synergel® insert.

What's more, each cushion comes equipped with an outer cover, a waterproof inner cover, the customized foam shape, and a cushion rigidizer. Outer cover material options include Waterproof Lycra® (std), Lycra®, Polartec®, Dartex®, and Spacer Mesh.

Optional items include a SynerGel® insert, air insert, foam pressure relief, adductor reinforcements, additional covers, and a drop base with hardware. Please see order form for all options.


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