Protection suited for you.

You deserve a comfortable, supportive cushion that fits — and most importantly— that lasts. At PRM, our skin protection and positioning cushions do that and more. Contoured-Fit™ cushions are designed to match the ergonomic shape of individuals and are available in moderate and aggressive positioning. Two foam firmnesses in the base foam load the safer surfaces with the visco-elastic liner foam contacting the high risk areas of the pelvis.

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Product Details

Contoured-Fit Cushion up close

Cushion Features

Each cushion comes with a Dartex zipper cover, incontinence barrier, visco-elastic liner and the pressure relief option of your choice.

Cushion width and depth available starting at 12 inches.

COver Options

A Dartex zipper cover is standard, however Spacer Mesh or reverse Dartex may be selected. Additional removable covers may be ordered in either zipper or slip on styles.

Modifications and Mounting Options

Dimensional modifications include:

  • a leg length discrepancy of 1- or 2-inches
  • a pelvic obliquity wedge of 1/2- or 1-inch
  • an anterior or posterior slope

Mounting options include:

  • a 1/8- or 1/4-inch rigidizer
  • a drop base with 1- or 7/8-inch mounting hardware
  • notches for seat rails
  • notches for back posts/canes
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Cushion Construction

Illustration of Contoured-Fit Cushion Construction

Positioning Options

Illustration of Contoured-Fit Moderate Cushion

Moderate Positioning

Illustration of Contoured-Fit Aggressive Cushion

Aggressive Positioning

Pressure Relief options

Contoured-Fit Cushion with foam insert

Visco-Elastic Foam

Visco-Elastic Foam (Sun-mate™) will provide pressure equalization with virtually no maintenance. Meets criteria for medicare code E2607/E2608.

Contoured-Fit Cushion with gel insert


The Synergel™ option provides pressure equalization as well as some shear reduction through use of a Synergel™ pad located under the high-risk areas of the pelvis. Meets criteria for Medicare code E2607/E2608.

Contoured-Fit Cushion with air insert

Air Pressure Relief

Air pressure relief option features a ROHO® Air insert which will provide pressure equalization through use of an adjustable air bladder. The combination of base foam and air provides stability with excellent pressure relief. Meets criteria for Medicare code E2624/E2625.