One size does not fit all.

Since no two people are exactly alike, Precision-Fit enables you to begin with a standard seat and back shape and customize it to your client’s specific needs — regardless of shape, positioning or disability. Most custom measured cushions may not provide the adequate support and pressure relief required by all individuals. At PRM, we understand how a proper fit affects the overall comfort and health of your clients. By conforming to individual body shapes, our cushions deliver the precise contact support and pressure equalization they need.

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Precision-Fit Custom Cushion Chair

Product Details

Precision-Fit™ Seat

Start with one of our three customizable cushion styles that supply optimal pressure relief through air, gel or foam. Each is equipped with a waterproof outer cover and a cushion rigidizer.
Precision-Fit Subtle Cushion with gel insert

Subtle Positioning

A basic shape with minimal leg channeling. Shown with optional Synergel™ insert.

Precision-Fit Moderate Cushion with air insert

Moderate Positioning

A basic shape with increased lateral control to help with positioning and pressure equalization. Shown with optional ROHO® air insert.

Precision-Fit Aggressive Cushion with gel insert

Aggressive Positioning

Provides maximal lateral support to assist in positioning of the legs and trunk while providing excellent pressure equalization. Shown with optional Synergel™ insert.

Precision-Fit™ Back

Our slot measuring process allows us to customize to your clients’ exact positioning requirements, providing ideal postural stability and pressure relief.

Closeup of mounting on Precision-Fit back cushion
Precision-Fit Back Cushion Illustration

Fixed and Hinged Lateral Support

Choose from four hinged lateral styles with optional swing-away feature, allowing for ease with transfers in and out of seat.

Precision-Fit Single Lateral

Single Lateral

Precision-Fit Single Lateral with Vertical Split

Single Lateral
with vertical split

Precision-Fit Multiple Lateral

Multiple Lateral

Precision-Fit Multiple Lateral with Vertical Split

Multiple Lateral
with vertical split

These products meet Medicare E2609 (seat) and E2617 (back) coverage policy standards.

Closeup of mounting on back of chair

Mounting Options

Precision-Fit can now be ordered with a PRM back shell to ease with mounting and adjustment, or with a custom pan mount to be used with power chair options. The back shell hardware will allow for depth, angle and rotational adjustments. In addition, wood mount with knob hardware or J and L brackets is also an option. Seat cushions can be ordered with 1/8” ABS bottom to minimize thickness and facilitate a Velcro mount.

Tech Specs

Available Widths:  10” – 24”  

Available Depths:  10” – 24”    

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

Warranty: 24 months from manufacturing defects

Remake: Policy 90 Days

Custom sizes are available

How to find the perfect fit

Each Precision-Fit seat and back is designed based upon your client’s exact positioning requirements. When customizing a Precision-Fit product, you will simply need to determine positioning and shape support for all areas of the support surface. The measurements you take will directly correspond to the need required to support that area. Measurements given will be altered from the original standard shape. All custom modifications can be completed quickly and easily by completing the Precision-Fit seat and back order forms.

Seat Order FormBack Order Form
7–10 day clock illustration

Lead Time

Precision-Fit quotes are turned around within twenty four to forty eight hours. Precision-Fit cushions ship within seven to ten working days.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

At PRM, we are proud to offer a two-year warranty on all Precision-Fit cushions. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, we offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Contact us directly for any questions or concerns with product performance.

Individuality comes standard

Your clients rely on you to provide them with a comfortable, supportive seat and back that fits— and most importantly — that lasts. At PRM, our custom selections do that and more. Precision-Fit offers maximum pressure relief, increased sitting tolerance, postural support and comfort finely tuned to each individual’s positioning needs. You won’t get that from just any cushion. For details, samples, or to schedule a demonstration with a PRM representative, call 866-PRM-REHAB.

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